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chiropractic patients - what to expect

Chiropractic Patients

The initial visit may take 30-45 minutes, so please plan accordingly. If you haven’t already done the initial paperwork on the website, there will be about 10 minutes worth of paperwork to fill out upon arrival. This information includes your case history, medical information, HIPAA consent form, financial policy, and consent to treat. After the paperwork is completed, the doctor will perform a comprehensive examination. This examination includes range of motion, orthopedic testing, and if needed x-rays will be arranged.

After the examination is completed, and no further testing is required by the doctor, an adjustment will be performed. Each adjustment and/or soft tissue technique is unique to the individual, and utilization of different techniques will be provided depending on patient and doctor preferences. After the adjustment is completed e-stim, k-tape, or intersegmental traction may be performed at this time. After the treatments are completed, payment will be taken, and we will schedule further appointments based on patient needs.

Initial Visit

30-45 Minutes


10 Minutes


Range of Motion
X-Rays if needed


Determined By The Doctor

Treatment if needed


Pay & Schedule

Appointments Based On Patient Needs.

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